What Powers Our Products

Powerful + Pure Ingredients

As Dirt Specialists working to clean homes, offices and more, we discovered how harmful so many products out there are. Your average household cleaner contains ingredients that can inflame your allergies, bother your pets and even cause more serious problems like neurological damage. This is why we knew we had to create our own line of products that are both safe and powerful.

Dirt Specialist Tested, Superhero Approved

All of our products were developed and tested in the homes, offices and commercial properties of our clients of our original cleaning business. Countless man-hours were put in testing the powers of our products and tweaking them to find the perfect balance of pure ingredients and powerful cleaning ability. We listened to our clients and took what they were looking for into consideration. This is why we're so confident about our products.

Fragrances that Smell Healthy Not Harsh

We were sick of using cleaning products that simply covered up bad odors with overpowering scents or using products that were even too dangerous to inhale! We love filling our products with fragrances that are easy on your nose and your environment. All our fragrances were tested with allergy concerns in mind so that you can breathe easy and truly enjoy our scents.

Low Impact but High Powered Packaging

It's important to us to use recycled materials whenever possible for our product packaging in order to cut down on waste and minimize our environmental impact. Also, our bottle designs are built for maximizing recyclability. This is why we offer our refill sizes for refilling your original product bottles.